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Casiotone Launching

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8/10/19 (Tuesday) 1:00pm at Pullman Hotel & Residence,
stay tune with us closely.

Casiotone Lineup


The easy way into music with a new style of playing.

Promo: RM629

RSP: RM700

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Make a pop color choice. Enjoy dance music.

Promo: RM799

RSP: RM890

Color Variations

  • CT-S200 Red
  • CT-S200 White
  • CT-S200 Black

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Touch Response and Pitch Bend Wheel for an expressive sound.

Promo: RM999

RSP: RM1,150

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Have fun practicing with the Key Lighting System.

Promo: RM1,099

RSP: RM1,250

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